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Kaydee’s Story: 30 Days Seizure FREE!

February 17th, 2011 No comments

happy KaydeeFebruary 14 was not only Valentines Day but marks the day Kaydee has been seizure FREE for thirty days!

After her last episode God and I had a little talk — well a MAJOR talk. I was feeling depressed, overwhelmed, my hope was being torn into bits and I screamed at God (yes I really did) “OKAY, where do I go from here?” I began pouring my heart out to Him. I have learned the hard way that when your family, your friends fail you, God is always there to hear your cries! I cried and I cried till I could cry no more. Then I began to pray. I prayed for His guidance and when I lifted up my tear streaked face I knew what had to be done first.

Eliminate the common denominator. Even though the neurologist tossed aside my theory as being irrelevant, I knew I needed to rearrange my office. Now Kaydee can no longer lay upon the offending bed, but only her bed. The toddler bed that I bought at a resale shop. And yes, this is where she now sleeps! Second, anytime we leave the house the bedroom door is shut to keep her away from the other offending bed. If I have to go somewhere while Brent takes his nap, I call him as I am coming home so they are BOTH AWAKE when I walk through the back door. Or if he needs to leave to run an errand during the day while I’m working again the bedroom door is shut.

Next it was recommended by her nutritionist and approved by her holistic vet to start giving her a product called Brain Vitale: Product Contains: Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg; GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC) 200 mg; Inositol 200 mg; Phosphatidylserine 120 mg; GinkgoSelectTM PhytosomeTM 90 mg [Ginkgo biloba (leaves) and Glycine (soybeans)].

I do not know if this product is really working or if eliminating access to the beds… perhaps both. But what I do know is that God is seeing me through and teaching me that through HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. My HOPE again is restored.

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Kaydee’s Story: Two days later…

February 16th, 2011 No comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s Story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

The day after our trip to Purdue Kaydee pretty much slept all day and some of the next. The trip had really wiped her out! We even kept her covered up with her blankie which is not a normal thing for her.

KaydeeTwo days later I had an appointment late in the afternoon at the hair salon. I was gone only for an hour and a half. When I arrived home I felt a knot begin to form as I reached the back door… no Kaydee to greet me. I opened the door and walked in… still no Kaydee to greet me. Panic was starting to grip at my heart as I am rounding the corner from the kitchen to the living room. There she is!! All wiggles and waggles. I see her. She jumps up standing on her hind legs to greet me but her right front leg starts to bend and then I see her go …. I grab her holding her upright she is trying to fight this monster… she tries to give me kisses her legs wanting to go stiff… she’s fighting not wanting it to take over… still wanting to give mommy “hello” kisses. All the while I’m telling her “it’s okay, good girl.”

Brent came out of the bedroom from his daily nap and hurried to get the ice pack and honey. He couldn’t find the ice pack and only came back with the honey where he put a glob on his finger and placed it on Kaydee’s tongue. Now for some reason today Brent decided he was going to keep his finger on her tongue — why? Because he is always afraid she will swallow her tongue. I have told him repeatedly, the vets have told him that she WILL NOT SWALLOW her tongue.

I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it away from Kaydee glaring at him. I asked him where the ice bag was. He just looked at me with that deer-in-the-headlight-look and said “I can’t find it.“ I let go of Kaydee — she was laying in an upright position just shaking. But at that fine line it could go either way of stopping or going to a full blown seizure.

I found the ice pack where it is ALWAYS at, in the door of the freezer and placed it on Kaydee’s back. Within a few minutes she is responding to the ice pack. She is still shaking but this was more like she is shaking from being cold. She tried to break away but I held her there for a minute longer. She wanted away from the ice pack. Still shaking I let her go and as I told her “good girl” she turned to look at me, her eyes softly glowing with her ears kinda flopped back and now her little butt wiggle waggling as if to say “mommy I love you.” She was okay again!

I am noticing when I can get the ice pack on Kaydee’s back QUICKLY the seizure does not last very long. My friend has used this method on her Boston Terrier and she is seeing a small but yet significant shortened seizure.

Below is info I found regarding the ice pack and placement.

*** excerpt from Canine Guardian Angels ***

It is as simple as applying a bag of ice to the lower-midsection of your dog’s back (the small of the back), and holding the bag firmly in position until the seizure ends. The exact area on the back is between the 10th thoracic (chest) and 4th lumbar (lower back) vertebrae (bones in the spine); what this means is that the top of the ice bag should rest just above the middle of your dog’s back, following along the spine, and drape down to the lower-midsection of the back.

To see a very good diagram of where the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae meet on a dog’s spine, go to:

The ice bag should rest between the middle of the thoracic vertebrae and the middle of the lumbar vertebrae. With a properly sized ice bag, you should not have to worry about being too exact: aim for the middle of the back, and the correct area will be covered. Application of ice to other areas of the body (head, neck, legs and other areas of the spine) was not found to be effective. Ice bags on the middle of the back was the only area found to work.

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Kaydee’s Story: It’s Time

February 8th, 2011 No comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s Story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

It was New Years Day I was in the kitchen bustling about making dinners for the coming up week and chocolate chip cookies (a surprise for hubby). Brent was napping as was Kaydee. I couldn’t find my recipe card for the cookies and hurriedly went into my office and back out again. By the time I got back to the kitchen I realized my mistake…. Kaydee was laying upon the bed in my office sleeping. Fear gripped at my heart as I rounded the corner of the kitchen ….. To only hear a “THUD” and see Kaydee’s body beginning to seize.

I kneeled down to my little girl cradling her and whispering to her it was okay. I checked her nose/mouth to feel for her breath and there was – RELIEF! She was whimpering I kept telling her over and over “Good girl, good girl…. Then I got mad – I got mad at this monster – All my primal motherly instincts/energy flowed through my body as I softly commanded “You are all done!

Maybe it’s just me…. but for a split second I felt Kaydee’s body relax…… then go rigid. Softly but firmly I repeated “All done.” I could sense Kaydee warring with this monster. Fighting to break it’s bond over her. She moved — wanting to get up. Still trembling and shaking she tried to take a couple of steps. I held my breathe as I feared she was going into another seizure. I jumped up and hurried to the kitchen and grabbed the honey. I gave her a dab and then another. Then she looked up at me and gave me that precious look as if to say “Mommy I’m okay now.” She looked at the jar of honey I was still holding and said “Hmm.” then looked at the jar again. I offered her another dab. The twinkles beginning to shine in her eyes again. “Hmm.” More,” I asked. “Hmm.” I chuckled as I gave her three more dabs of honey. My little girl was her happy self again!
NOTE: Kaydee has been tested for hypoglycemia several times and each time the result is negative. I don’t know why (neither does the vet) but the honey seems to give her a boost and she revives quicker when given.

About an hour later Brent awoke from his nap. I told him Kaydee had a visit from the “UGLY MONSTER” he said “its time, we need to have the dr. do what ever he needs to… an MRI.” IT’S TIME!

Two weeks later after scheduling an appointment, we drove to Purdue University Animal Hospital. I was afraid we were going to have to cancel our trip as we had a “ lake affect snow advisory” Brent was watching the weather on all 3 news stations, I called the hospital to find out what the weather was like and that we may be late in arriving. We decided to take the chance and headed out at 8:00 a.m. for our appt. at 11:30 a.m. The roads on the main highways were pretty good till we hit one patch of country road. THAT WAS PRETTY SCARY! You could feel the car glide across the icy wind blown road. I was very fortunate that my husband agreed to drive. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not drive in the winter time unless the roads are absolutely clear!

2 ½ hours later and 2 pit stops we finally arrived at the clinic. Within a few minutes of our arrival/check-in a man hurriedly came into the facility carrying his limp and what appeared to be a lifeless German Shepherd. I immediately began to pray! This beautiful dog we found out later was heavily sedated but was in grave danger of losing its life. The dog had wondered off. When the owner found him, took him to his office where the dog then keeled over. The dog had suffered neurological (seizures) problems since it was a puppy. I never found out if the dog survived or not…. During the span of time we were there we would see 5 other cases of dogs afflicted with seizures each stemming from a different trigger. My husband was astounded and could only ask the million dollar question “WHY?”

Knowing our appointment would be delayed we took turns taking Kaydee outside. When our name was called a student led us to a room where she took down Kaydee’s history. Once completed the student explained to us she would speak to the clinician (resident dr.) to go over the history and symptoms. Next she and the resident dr. would come back into the exam room and let us know what tests they would like to have done if any.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity and multiple trips outside for Brent and Kaydee. The student and resident dr. came back into the room. The dr. asked a few more questions and then wanted to take Kaydee in the back room for observations i.e., walking, running etc. No, I was not allowed to go into the back (not happy). Kaydee happily trotted off with her new found friend (the student) while Brent and I returned to the waiting room.

20 minutes had passed when Kaydee came through the double doors of the waiting room all wiggles and waggles happy to see mommy and daddy again. We were shown into another room where the resident dr. was waiting for us. She explained her findings stating that Kaydee was epileptic (idiopathic). She suggested we start Kaydee on a anti-epileptic medication for therapeutic treatment to minimize the frequency and the severity of the seizures using either; Keppra (Levetiracetam); KBr (Potassium bromide) and/or Phenobarbital. That’s when I brought up alternative methods; Gold bead implants, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, the RAW diet. The resident dr. stated she was not familiar with these alternative methods and to go with what my vet suggested for treatment. But HER final recommendation was to start Kaydee on the anti-epileptic medications.

She felt having an MRI done was unnecessary at this time. She stated if we really wanted to have one done she would and also recommend a spinal tap BUT she felt the results would come back negative and therefore unnecessary. Brent was relieved as he was apprehensive to have Kaydee sedated. He just had a feeling something might go wrong, so I agreed not to have the MRI done.

I did request to have blood work done to recheck her BUN and Creatinine levels which I am extremely happy to report her numbers were well within the normal range (happy dance). I also asked about having her hips/low back looked at as I still feel there is a connection between Kaydee abruptly waking up, jumping off the bed and then going into a seizure.

The resident and student took Kaydee with them again to the back (no I was not allowed back there this time either – Again not happy). But within 30 minutes, she came back to us happy go-lucky as ever. The resident dr. came out into the waiting area and let us know that the orthopedic dr. did notice a lameness with her right rear leg and that she is a little bow legged. Which most likely was present since birth, but other than that he did not notice any other abnormalities or effusion (hip dysplasia). If we wanted to be 100% sure he suggested to have our local vet perform an x-ray.

We were both relieved in hearing this news! It was 4:30 p.m. and Kaydee was more than READY to go home! She had been a real trooper throughout the day! One look at her and you could see she was at a point she had, had enough and wanted to go HOME.

The ride home was difficult for Kaydee to get comfortable. She was exhausted! It took her about an hour before she finally settled down, and laid on her blankie to try to sleep. Thankfully the trip home was a faster! We were ALL glad when we arrived HOME!

As I reflect upon this day I asked…….“God where do we go from here?”

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Kaydee’s Story: Before and After [VIDEOS]

January 13th, 2011 1 comment

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.


I was going through all of Kaydee’s pictures one night and ran across this video of her eating behaviors. She had been placed on Science Diet k/d after being diagnosed with a high elevation in her Creatinine and Bun levels. At the beginning of the video she abruptly sits down looking around — like a fly or something was after her but there wasn‘t any. In order for her to feel safe she would lay down.….continually she looks away from her food like there was something after her. At other times (not shown in this video) she would stop eating, stand and then really swallow as if it was bothering her throat — that would always alarm me. Once she even actually gagged when I gave her the canned variety.

Every morning and evening it was a major chore to get her to eat. I tried warming it up, mixing it with water, I threw the kibble up in the air to play catch, I would toss it far away for her to run and “get it” (one kibble at a time). I did whatever I could to get her to eat this food. Cheating at times by adding a tiny bit of chicken on top. She never cleaned her plate, always leaving some food. Sometimes she would look at the plate then back away while staring at the food. Wanting to eat but something was holding her back. She did not want this food! I do not know if her behavior while she ate was an allergic reaction to the food or what.

I voiced these concerns repeatedly to my primary vet. She at first didn’t believe me until I showed her the video. I asked about other brands on the market – they only carried Science Diet. I called other local vets to see if they carried any other brands — No luck. I was told to let things go and see if in time if she would get better. I didn’t like the fact this was the ONLY choice Kaydee had and that she was stuck with this food for the REST OF HER LIFE. It was this or take the chance of further ruining her kidneys!

At times I wanted to just sit and cry! My heart was breaking each time I watched her eat this food that in one way was helping her but in another hurting her. I had no choice, Kaydee had no choice until…again God answered my prayers.



It was approximately 5 weeks ago I was at my holistic vets to pick up some meds for Kaydee. While waiting my turn I was looking at all the different foods they carried in their pharmacy area when I found one I had never heard of before, “Nature’s Variety.” I read the label looking at the ingredients and I liked what I read. When I got back home I got on my computer and went to their website. I got REALLY excited when I saw under “Who we are” was the heading “Our Experts” where I found the names of two women that were nutritionists! As I read the first bio; Susan Blake Davis — she had a link to her website.

I clicked on her link and Oh my stars… on her home page she went into detail about holistic remedies and a better way to treat kidney failure… this was what we had been praying for. I immediately decided to email her telling her about all of Kaydee’s health issues and if she thought she could help us.

The next day I called my holistic vet asking her about Nature’s Variety, The RAW diet and if she had ever spoken with any of the two “experts.“ We also discussed my concern about Kaydee’s Creatinine and Bun levels and if it was really necessary to stay on Science Diet k/d. So we had my primary vet’s office fax over the last 3 blood test results. After reviewing them the dr. felt that Kaydee was NOT in renal failure or the beginnings of renal failure! She felt that her kidneys were temporarily stressed only. She graciously emailed Susan Blake Davis with this and other vital information.

So I was given the OK to start the RAW diet for Kaydee!!! I was doing the happy dance!!

Well it’s been 5 weeks and I have a happier, healthier, more energetic & no longer obese little girl. She has lost approximately 5 lbs. and needs to lose 2 more for her goal weight of 70 lbs. Her coat is so soft, and her bald spots ( lower chest) are growing back in

What I noticed right off with the RAW diet and supplements was her nose quit dripping (allergies). It has almost been 7 weeks since Kaydee had an allergy shot!!! I am hopeful that when the seasons change her immunities will be built up enough to only need her supplements and not have to be re-tested (inhalant allergies) and go back on her shots. .

But best of all Kaydee LOVES her food — click on the video to see my HAPPY BABY GIRL!


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Kaydee’s Story: Need to know – NOW!

January 7th, 2011 No comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

Kaydee waking up

Kaydee waking up

Well I couldn’t wait any longer I called Purdue Small Animal Clinic today especially after Brent this morning bombarded me with ALL his questions ((LOL)). He also called up our holistic vet asked her if there was a closer place to have the MRI done, he wanted to know why a hospital would not perform the MRI (after all this is his daughter — not a dog). He was at the point of cancelling the MRI if we could not keep her with us overnight. Which as you all know was really BIG on my list too.

After the 4th time of calling the clinic – each time for a question Brent had, I fortunately got to speak with someone that had more knowledge. The initial visit (on Jan. 12th) the student technicians will gather pertinent information about Kaydee, draw blood AND then we can take her with us back to a hotel and keep her overnight then return her at 7:30 a.m. for the MRI. (mommy doing happy dance here).

The receptionist was very kind and directed me to their website which gave information regarding local hotels that accepted dogs or might accept dogs. I called the first two the receptionist stated were the closest to the clinic – NO DOGS allowed! Then I called my favorite hotel chain and voila! Comfort Inn & Suites not only do they accept dogs but gave us a big discount for going to the clinic!!!

What a relief! I thank you God. Now I just need to wait for the right moment to inform Brent that Kaydee has to be sedated for the 90 minute long MRI and that it will take approximately a total of 4-5 hours from admission to discharge.

My next concern will they give her something to alleviate nausea, hunger and the LONG car ride home (2 ½ hrs)! AND please pray for NO SNOW and clear roads. Thanks!


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Kaydee’s Story: Bringing You Up to Date

January 6th, 2011 2 comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

I have to apologize to all of our friends for taking a break from telling Kaydee’s journey. With the holidays things got a little busy. On New Year’s day, late in the afternoon around 5:00 p.m. Kaydee had a grand mal seizure (47 days ). No, I’m pretty sure it was not due to the fireworks. She has never been afraid of them except for the BIG Booms which even scare me. Her trigger is/has been; sound asleep while laying on one of our two beds, being abruptly awakened, and then jumping off the bed. I have actually witnessed her do this and go into a seizure two different occasions.

I have often wondered if she doesn’t have a pinched nerve or if it has something to do with her right rear leg having a weakness. Unfortunately her other immediate health issues interfered with us getting an MRI done and a lack of funds. Since I last wrote about Kaydee she ended up having round worms – was treated, had her spayed where the vet found a herniated umbilical. To finish out the year Kaydee ended up with kennel cough even though she had been inoculated and boosters (had gone to a big chain pet store). April 4, 2009 she suffered her first petite mal seizure. June of 2009 her allergies really took off and so did her seizures as they kept coming more frequently until they were spaced 30+ days apart.

Which brings us up to date. Kaydee on January 12, 11:30 a.m. EST will be admitted to Purdue University’s Small Animal Clinic to have an MRI. I am very nervous as I may have to leave Kaydee there for 2-3 days.

My logical mind is telling me this HAS TO BE DONE. But the emotional me says I’m not leaving my baby overnight with strangers to run tests and do things I will not be there to observe.… why can’t they just let me sleep on the floor next to her? That way I’m the one still caring for her as I have cared for her day and night since we brought her home. Now I have to relinquish her care into a strangers hands.

Numerous things are running though my mind… Her food (RAW frozen medallions) 3 times a day, bottled water, her supplements twice a day, her veggie snack during the day and at 9:00 p.m. sharp her final dose of meds with a RAW medallion as her treat. Kaydee’s inner clock never lets me forget her 9 p.m. treat. She’ll need her blankie, pad pillow (she always rests her head on a pillow), plate, water bowl….

Will the students be able to give Kaydee the care and attention she is accustomed to or will they be too busy with other animals and classes? Gosh do they have a fenced in area for play time/potty time, What other dogs will be there – will she catch something from them? Do they let the other dogs play together? What will be running through her mind as we say good-bye, will she feel abandoned, will she be depressed… my heart is already breaking. I know I’m going to be a basket case!! I have decide to take the time off of work. If I stay in a hotel will they let me observe her/be with her during the day? Would they let me take her to the hotel at night and keep her with me?

I am hoping the student technician calls me soon to give me more information. I feel for this student because I will be bombarding him/her with A LOT of questions!

Have any of you taken your beloved pet in for an MRI? If so, please share your experience with me. I know this has to be done but I really could use all the moral support I can get. Your story, advice will be greatly appreciated and/or please keep Kaydee, her daddy and I in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks! Lynn/Kaydee/Brent

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Kaydee’s Story: Changing Vets

December 30th, 2010 No comments

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

Kaydee in the pool

Kaydee in the pool

Due to the incident at our last vet visit, and because the price of gas was skyrocketing we decided to change vets. I began looking around and was elated to find out that a new vet had recently bought out the clinic three blocks West from our home! I made some inquires and was also granted an interview to ask the vet some questions.

I felt comfortable with her and proceeded to schedule an initial appointment. At the initial appt. I gave the vet a run down of Kaydee’s history. Let her know Kaydee was itching A LOT (more than any normal dog I have ever had) and Kaydee had tiny red spots on her vulva. I just could not figure out WHY a puppy would be so itchy. I asked if dogs got yeast infections from antibiotics (if I only knew then what I know now). The vet notated it, administered her puppy vaccination, and prescribed Histacalm Shampoo and a antibiotic as she thought Kaydee had a minor skin infection.

The whole month of August was a constant problem with itchiness, her vulva having redness, swelling and hives/blisters. Kaydee also incurred an ear infection (my husband thought it was cute to let her put her head under water to get her toys and did not tell me so I could administer the medicine that dries out the wetness inside a dogs ear – common in labs). At one point I thought she was allergic to chlorine. Kaydee would frequently lick her paws or bite at them after playing in her wading pool. The undersides of her paws were becoming red and raw and in between her toes. (Later… much later I would FINALLY find out what the true cause to this problem was.)

Not satisfied with what the vet was/was not telling me I watched Kaydee constantly. I knew in my heart it was some sort of an allergy — BUT AS TO WHAT was driving me nuts! I was beginning to feel the vet/office staff thought I was some sort of fanatical pet owner blowing out of proportion Kaydee’s health issues. I was beginning to feel that my concerns were falling on deaf ears. Then to only find out in September Kaydee had another health problem…

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