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Mika’s Story: Our Raw Journey, Continued…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Mika’s Story follows Mika and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

So you have a dog and now you’ve heard about raw feeding, you’re curious, but no one you know feeds RAW, how can you trust these people that are saying RAW is best for your dog?

So many questions and those are just a few of the questions jumbling around in my mind when I first heard about feeding raw.
The answer to why RAW is a simple one, all you have to do is look over at your dog. When I look at Mika I see a dog who likes to chew, bite (objects and occasionaly will mouth my hand or arm), she is an animal yearning for stimulation and even a challenge, she has lovely strong teeth, shoulders and a neck made for tearing and pulling and paws to hold objects into place that she is trying catch, grip to bite or pull and dig.

Now look at that bowl of Kibble many of us are still feeding our dogs, the benefits to us are: the kibble fits in a bag and you can store it in a cupboard and you get a cute little cup to measure it and you basically throw it in a bowl and give it to your dog twice a day and plus the bag says everything your dog needs is in there, all the nutrients and lovely chicken/lamb/veggie stew and pasta flavour mmmmm just like human food, what more could your dog possibly need?

Once again I say look at your dog, they walk to their bowls smell it and in about 2 minutes all that kibble has been eaten. Looking at Mika before RAW she would need to be enticed into eating her Kibble. Which body parts did she actually use while eating kibble, uhm well she would lower her head to the bowl and eat it, she moved very little and then afterwards would need to drink about a litre of water because of the food being so dry.

Now look at her, her chicken carcasses first get sniffed, then licked, then picked up and taken to the spot she would like to eat them on (always a grassy patch) and then the fun begins, crunching the chicken carcass between those back molars, her neck moving from side to side, with larger pieces of meat often a paw gets placed on it to hold it steady as she tears pieces off. I can actually see the look of satisfaction, stimulation and concentration on her face as she feeds on food that she was designed to eat. The entire process of eating is now no longer just to fill her tummy, give her adequate nutrition (which is very questionable as we don’t really know what goes into the kibble) and to give her food so she can have energy… now eating is actually stimulating her, its actually helping her to focus and use her energy in a way that is both very beneficial to her and positive to me (she’s now biting her food and not the bumpers off our cars). Her teeth are being cleaned as she eats, because the eating process takes longer her mouth and teeth are being washed in a bath of rich anti bacterial saliva, her food is fresh, it leaves no bad smell, the high acidity level in her stomach is just dealing with flesh and bone so its easier to digest and out comes a lovely neat(and much smaller) amount of doggy doo- so much easier for me to clean and no need for her anal glands to be excreted by the groomer anymore.

With raw feeding a basic, mundane task you perform twice a day for your dog becomes an exciting and challenging experience for them, now which dog or cat for that matter owner wouldn’t love for their animals to feel that way.

As you can see Mika and I are passionate about this way of life and we welcome and urge all other humans who are owned by dogs or cats to find out more, there is a wealth of information out there.

Peace and love and bones raining from the heavens are our wishes for all of you.


Madi and Mika

Mika enjoying her food Mika enjoying her food
Mika enjoying her food Mika enjoying her food
Mika enjoying her food Mika enjoying her food
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