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Kaydee’s Story: Bringing You Up to Date

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

I have to apologize to all of our friends for taking a break from telling Kaydee’s journey. With the holidays things got a little busy. On New Year’s day, late in the afternoon around 5:00 p.m. Kaydee had a grand mal seizure (47 days ). No, I’m pretty sure it was not due to the fireworks. She has never been afraid of them except for the BIG Booms which even scare me. Her trigger is/has been; sound asleep while laying on one of our two beds, being abruptly awakened, and then jumping off the bed. I have actually witnessed her do this and go into a seizure two different occasions.

I have often wondered if she doesn’t have a pinched nerve or if it has something to do with her right rear leg having a weakness. Unfortunately her other immediate health issues interfered with us getting an MRI done and a lack of funds. Since I last wrote about Kaydee she ended up having round worms – was treated, had her spayed where the vet found a herniated umbilical. To finish out the year Kaydee ended up with kennel cough even though she had been inoculated and boosters (had gone to a big chain pet store). April 4, 2009 she suffered her first petite mal seizure. June of 2009 her allergies really took off and so did her seizures as they kept coming more frequently until they were spaced 30+ days apart.

Which brings us up to date. Kaydee on January 12, 11:30 a.m. EST will be admitted to Purdue University’s Small Animal Clinic to have an MRI. I am very nervous as I may have to leave Kaydee there for 2-3 days.

My logical mind is telling me this HAS TO BE DONE. But the emotional me says I’m not leaving my baby overnight with strangers to run tests and do things I will not be there to observe.… why can’t they just let me sleep on the floor next to her? That way I’m the one still caring for her as I have cared for her day and night since we brought her home. Now I have to relinquish her care into a strangers hands.

Numerous things are running though my mind… Her food (RAW frozen medallions) 3 times a day, bottled water, her supplements twice a day, her veggie snack during the day and at 9:00 p.m. sharp her final dose of meds with a RAW medallion as her treat. Kaydee’s inner clock never lets me forget her 9 p.m. treat. She’ll need her blankie, pad pillow (she always rests her head on a pillow), plate, water bowl….

Will the students be able to give Kaydee the care and attention she is accustomed to or will they be too busy with other animals and classes? Gosh do they have a fenced in area for play time/potty time, What other dogs will be there – will she catch something from them? Do they let the other dogs play together? What will be running through her mind as we say good-bye, will she feel abandoned, will she be depressed… my heart is already breaking. I know I’m going to be a basket case!! I have decide to take the time off of work. If I stay in a hotel will they let me observe her/be with her during the day? Would they let me take her to the hotel at night and keep her with me?

I am hoping the student technician calls me soon to give me more information. I feel for this student because I will be bombarding him/her with A LOT of questions!

Have any of you taken your beloved pet in for an MRI? If so, please share your experience with me. I know this has to be done but I really could use all the moral support I can get. Your story, advice will be greatly appreciated and/or please keep Kaydee, her daddy and I in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks! Lynn/Kaydee/Brent

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