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Lynn and Kaydee’s story

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post is the first in our brand-new series of guest authors sharing their stories with us. We are thrilled to introduce Lynn and Kaydee!

Hi There,

My name is Lynn and Kaydee is my little girl. But before I begin Kaydee’s story I just wanted to express my HEARTFELT gratitude to Sandy for responding to an email through the epi group we both are a members of. If she had not responded I would have never found out about the RAW diet and the miracle it had given Cory. Nor would I have had the courage to try something new — something that I actually thought was bad for epi’s. Because of her and Cory I now have HOPE and through this blog the legacy that Sandy and Cory forged will live on. Thanks Fairy Godmother!


Kaydee as a puppy

Our story begins with the birth of my little girl, Princess Kaydee Mae of Hamlett. She was born on May 1, 2008. She came from a litter of 6 puppies from a privately owned kennel approximately an hours drive SE of my home in South Bend , IN. Prior to going to the kennel I had searched the internet high and low looking for the “RIGHT” kennel. I had researched “How to pick a good kennel,“ etc. So when my husband and I arrived at the kennel to look it over and meet both parents of the puppies, we were impressed with the kennel and felt it met all the criteria that a “good kennel” should be; it was very clean, both parents were on site, only one breed of dog on the premises (not a puppy mill). Then we were introduced to the parents. Her father’s name is “Coach” and her mother “Dee” (hence the name Kaydee). Then we were allowed to observe the puppies. I was handed one of the two females not already chosen. My husband had spied the other one as she was more reddish in color and had a bit of sawdust on her nose. I noticed when he had picked her up that she immediately cuddled up to him and saw in his eyes that his heart was lost forever. BUT we both had agreed we would not pick out the first puppy from the first litter we looked at until we looked at all the kennels that on my list. So we thanked the owners and drove down the road promising to call the next day after we looked at a litter of all black labs. We had gone a only couple miles down the road when my husband stated “I want THAT puppy!“ He had fallen in love with her. We turned back & drove to the kennel again to pay our deposit money. Then we had to wait 3 very LONG weeks until we could pick her up!

FINALLY Wednesday June 18, 2008 arrived!! I rushed home from work got things together and we were off to pick up our little girl. We were both filled with excitement! We had already bought her a kennel, blankie, assorted toys, food and water bowl, I even took the following week off from work so I could work with our new baby and potty train her. We were all set! Or at least we thought we were until the first 24 hours had passed…

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