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Kaydee’s Story, Continued…

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

On the ride home Kaydee was shivering and shaking (they had given her a bath and was still slightly wet). We turned up the heat ALL the way to help keep her warm and wrapped her up in her blankie. Even though it was June and warm outside it was too cold for a damp puppy!!! I knew from past experiences that she would probably end up having an upset tummy from the long ride home and all the new changes. All very normal typical for a new puppy.
When we got Kaydee home we let her run around in our back yard and let her explore her new world. Upon taking her inside the house we introduced her to our two cats, Buster (Himalayan Exotic) and Abby (Ragdoll). Buster who is now (7) was afraid, but Abby (now 5) was very curious and would watch Kaydee with interest but from a safe distance. Kaydee happily went from room to room sniffing, running all around, being playful, & curious of her new surroundings. After a bit we decided it was bed time & got her box, blankie and her new stuffed toy. We placed her in her box and my husband and I took turns watching her as we got ready to settle down and try to get some sleep. BUT as all new puppies do the box was NOT where Kaydee wanted to be!!! Her cries tugged at her Daddy’s heart strings and he scooped her up placing her on the bed in between the both of us where after finding her own spot fell asleep. Everything was peaceful.

AND then it started… a short time later she started to squirm and that 6th sense a mother has took over. I grabbed her and quickly ran to take her outside. I ended up sleeping on the floor with her in our back room taking her outside about every 2-3 hours. Her upset tummy continued all through the next morning. I took her off all food except water. My husband would just shake his head each time she would squat to do her business. Early afternoon I noticed a tiny spot of pink in her poop. Red flags started going off in my head but then her next poop was OK. So I thought maybe I was just imaging things. Late afternoon we were outside playing when I noticed Kaydee starting to squat and to my horror it was only BLOOD!!! About a ¼ tsp. of pure blood!! I felt the bottom of my stomach fall and I looked up at my husband and then ran to the phone to call our vet.

His recommendation was taking her off all foods, giving her water only for the first 24 hours (which I was doing already). We could not get her in that day as it was almost closing time nor did it seem like it was a BIG DEAL to them. I told the person on the phone that I had an appointment for Abby early the next morning (she was having an ongoing sinus problem). I was told to bring Kaydee in tomorrow and they would work her in. My heart was aching as I knew Kaydee did not feel well but also she was hungry!!! You could see on her face the pain she was feeling. Tomorrow could not come soon enough!! My husband and I looked at each other with a knowing look that this was SERIOUS!!! In the months to come we would learn just how serious her problems actually were…

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