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Kaydee’s Story: Changing Vets

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

Kaydee in the pool

Kaydee in the pool

Due to the incident at our last vet visit, and because the price of gas was skyrocketing we decided to change vets. I began looking around and was elated to find out that a new vet had recently bought out the clinic three blocks West from our home! I made some inquires and was also granted an interview to ask the vet some questions.

I felt comfortable with her and proceeded to schedule an initial appointment. At the initial appt. I gave the vet a run down of Kaydee’s history. Let her know Kaydee was itching A LOT (more than any normal dog I have ever had) and Kaydee had tiny red spots on her vulva. I just could not figure out WHY a puppy would be so itchy. I asked if dogs got yeast infections from antibiotics (if I only knew then what I know now). The vet notated it, administered her puppy vaccination, and prescribed Histacalm Shampoo and a antibiotic as she thought Kaydee had a minor skin infection.

The whole month of August was a constant problem with itchiness, her vulva having redness, swelling and hives/blisters. Kaydee also incurred an ear infection (my husband thought it was cute to let her put her head under water to get her toys and did not tell me so I could administer the medicine that dries out the wetness inside a dogs ear – common in labs). At one point I thought she was allergic to chlorine. Kaydee would frequently lick her paws or bite at them after playing in her wading pool. The undersides of her paws were becoming red and raw and in between her toes. (Later… much later I would FINALLY find out what the true cause to this problem was.)

Not satisfied with what the vet was/was not telling me I watched Kaydee constantly. I knew in my heart it was some sort of an allergy — BUT AS TO WHAT was driving me nuts! I was beginning to feel the vet/office staff thought I was some sort of fanatical pet owner blowing out of proportion Kaydee’s health issues. I was beginning to feel that my concerns were falling on deaf ears. Then to only find out in September Kaydee had another health problem…

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