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Cory’s Story Gets Another 5-Star Review!

November 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The following review of Cory’s Story was written by Darilee Bednar, owner of Third St. Books, Marysville, WA:
“I met Jay DeMers at the PNBA Convention in Portland and he promised me I would like his wife’s book… and he was wrong… I LOVED it.

I don’t DO books that make me sad unless they are non-fiction and then it’s not a usual occurrence… Cory’s Story had me totally teary-eyed NOT because it was written to be sad but because it triggered memories of our family dogs and their unconditional love.

It’s a memoir of Cory, a very smart/generally well-behaved/CGC trained yellow lab, and the three humans he adopted. Cory developed epilepsy around 3 years old… and the last half of the book is about the different treatments the family used that prolonged his life and allowed him to continue the richness of that life he and his family wanted him to live.

Cory, the boy scout. Cory, the best friend. Cory, the brother.
Dang! Suddenly… I miss my best friend… my companion… my fellow soul searcher.

Quick read… done in just a few hours.

Got a book club… got a 9 year old… got an RV…

I give it 5 stars.”

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