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Update: I visited Cory on Wednesday

Hey everyone!

There was family in town on Wednesday so I got to go home and visit Cory. I’m very happy to say that I am seeing tremendous improvement! Sandy beamed as she told me that she had just taken Cory for the best walk he’s had since the surgery. She described how he’s figured out a way to walk “like a panther” in which he just seems to get into a zone and walk very methodically, seemingly without any pain. When he walks around the house he still limps on his front shoulders, but there doesn’t seem to be any pain in his hind legs anymore.

He definitely also has much more feeling back in his hind legs. Before the surgery, it seemed that he would just lose control of them. He’d be standing and then his hind end would collapse underneathe him. I haven’t seen that happen once since the surgery, though he is still a little wobbly in the hind end. This is more likely due to atrophied muscles though, since he hasn’t been able to get much exercise since the surgery.

He had his first hydrotherapy session a couple weeks ago and his next one is coming up in a couple days. We have talked with several people who absolutely swear by the effectiveness of it, so we are staying positive about the potential results. Of course, the goal is to get Cory physically healthy enough to be able to swim and take care of himself this summer during our usual camping trips.

Oh, and one last thing – Sandy has submitted the book “Cory’s Story” to a publisher, so it’s just a matter of time before the book is released! Hang in there!

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