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Hooray for St. John’s Wort!

Cory was depressed and even hesitated for a few moments before deciding to eat his chow Wednesday morning and so I decided to see if St. John’s Wort could help.  I bought it in pill form, 300 mgs per pill.  I gave him his first pill with his Wednesday evening meal, and within 30 minutes I could see that he had his sparkle back.  He brought a toy to me and wanted to play.  Since then, I have been giving him one pill in the morning and one in the evening, and to my delight it is continuing to help him.  When I got home last night I took him outside to walk around in our yard.  He was slow but willing, bless his heart.  I have a call in to the lady that runs the hydrotherapy spa to request that if she gets any cancellations between now and April 29th, (Cory’s first scheduled session), to call me so I can get him in sooner.  I am concerned because he doesn’t seem to move about during the day (when we are at work), and his hind-end muscles are getting weak to the point of shaking while he is standing.   A heartfelt thank you to all of Cory’s fans for your prayers and good wishes!  I have made a commitment to myself (and to you!) to get the writing part of the book done by the end of this month, so as to get it to the people who have so graciously agreed to read and edit it by the first part of May.

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