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Update on Cory

Cory is having some pain issues related to inflammation and arthritis.  We have tried two different medications, neither of which worked.  We took him into his vet on Monday and she has referred him to a neurologist, who we’ll see tomorrow.   The vet took a blood draw and had a “geriatric panel” done on it, and the good news is his kidneys have improved quite a bit since his last blood draw, 5 months ago.  His creatinine level has dropped from a 2.8 (5 months ago) to a 1.8!!!  The normal range is 0.6 to 1.2, so we have made significant progress (thank you Renal Essential supplements!!!)  Cory’s vet said we need to keep him moving, so I have started getting up early to take him for a morning walk and of course when I get home he gets an evening walk.  He moseys along like an old Grampa, but I now understand that we need to keep his muscles from becoming weak.  A shout out of thanks to those of you who have written with interesting suggestions for pain management!

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