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Cory Is Going In for Diagnostic Testing

We took Cory in to a Veterinary Neurologist at the beginning of March, and were told that Cory probably has a rotator cuff injury on his right front shoulder (which is causing him to limp) and one or more herniated disks which are causing his hind legs not to function properly.   In the short time that has gone by since that visit to the specialist Cory has pretty much lost his ability to go on a walk without a lot of assistance or to go up or down stairs without his life jacket on.  The Neurologist said that he believes that whatever Cory has wrong is “fixable” with surgery, but of course we won’t know for sure until Cory undergoes diagnostic testing.  We began with having a geriatic work up done on Cory to make sure his kidneys, liver and other vitals are in good order (they are), and we had chest X-rays done to be sure he does not have systemic cancer (he does not), so Cory is going in for an MRI this coming Thursday.  He will have to be fully sedated for the procedure, so I am rather nervous but at the same time we realize that if we don’t do this soon Cory may not even be able to walk about in the house for much longer.  I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through diagnostic testing (when your dog is under sedation), or about your experiences with surgical repairs on your dogs.    Our hope is that we can get Cory fixed and that we have some pain-free seasons to look forward to ahead for him to go camping and swimming with us.

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