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Cory Gets A Leash

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This is my first post, so I’m just testing the waters….  The following is an except from the book in progress, just to give you a taste of what to expect!  The following takes place within the first few weeks of when we got Cory, in 1997.  He would have been about 7 or 8 weeks old….

Every evening when we got home from work Jay and I would take Jayson and Cory to a nearby park. Cory trotted along with us without the need for leash; he was very happy to have a pack to follow. We’d sit in a circle and in turn call out “Cory, COME,” to teach him that command. He learned quickly, and was quite motivated by treats when he’d arrive at the lap of the one that called him. I fed him kibble from a large bag that pictured a healthy, glowing yellow lab. The bag said the chow would provide him with 100% of his daily nutritional requirements, and I thought it was probably especially made for Labs. Cory ate with typical Lab passion for anything edible and quickly grew.

One evening on our nightly trip to the park Cory’s ears suddenly pricked up and he bolted across the field, as if being chased by the Hounds of Hell. We watched with bewilderment as he barreled towards a young couple seated on the grass enjoying a picnic. With a leap that would make a high jumper proud Cory dived and his little body disappeared completely into a bag of potato chips. The startled couple jumped up and looked at us as we rushed in to grab our puppy, who was chomping chips as fast as he could. As Jay pulled him out of the potato chip bag, Cory managed to also inhale a big bit out of a sandwich in the man’s hand. With flaming faces we muttered an apology and carried our thief to the car. Next stop that night was at Petco to purchase a tiny little collar and a leash.

Use this excerpt to tell me a funny story about your puppy!

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