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Kaydee’s Story: Before and After [VIDEOS]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.


I was going through all of Kaydee’s pictures one night and ran across this video of her eating behaviors. She had been placed on Science Diet k/d after being diagnosed with a high elevation in her Creatinine and Bun levels. At the beginning of the video she abruptly sits down looking around — like a fly or something was after her but there wasn‘t any. In order for her to feel safe she would lay down.….continually she looks away from her food like there was something after her. At other times (not shown in this video) she would stop eating, stand and then really swallow as if it was bothering her throat — that would always alarm me. Once she even actually gagged when I gave her the canned variety.

Every morning and evening it was a major chore to get her to eat. I tried warming it up, mixing it with water, I threw the kibble up in the air to play catch, I would toss it far away for her to run and “get it” (one kibble at a time). I did whatever I could to get her to eat this food. Cheating at times by adding a tiny bit of chicken on top. She never cleaned her plate, always leaving some food. Sometimes she would look at the plate then back away while staring at the food. Wanting to eat but something was holding her back. She did not want this food! I do not know if her behavior while she ate was an allergic reaction to the food or what.

I voiced these concerns repeatedly to my primary vet. She at first didn’t believe me until I showed her the video. I asked about other brands on the market – they only carried Science Diet. I called other local vets to see if they carried any other brands — No luck. I was told to let things go and see if in time if she would get better. I didn’t like the fact this was the ONLY choice Kaydee had and that she was stuck with this food for the REST OF HER LIFE. It was this or take the chance of further ruining her kidneys!

At times I wanted to just sit and cry! My heart was breaking each time I watched her eat this food that in one way was helping her but in another hurting her. I had no choice, Kaydee had no choice until…again God answered my prayers.



It was approximately 5 weeks ago I was at my holistic vets to pick up some meds for Kaydee. While waiting my turn I was looking at all the different foods they carried in their pharmacy area when I found one I had never heard of before, “Nature’s Variety.” I read the label looking at the ingredients and I liked what I read. When I got back home I got on my computer and went to their website. I got REALLY excited when I saw under “Who we are” was the heading “Our Experts” where I found the names of two women that were nutritionists! As I read the first bio; Susan Blake Davis — she had a link to her website.

I clicked on her link and Oh my stars… on her home page she went into detail about holistic remedies and a better way to treat kidney failure… this was what we had been praying for. I immediately decided to email her telling her about all of Kaydee’s health issues and if she thought she could help us.

The next day I called my holistic vet asking her about Nature’s Variety, The RAW diet and if she had ever spoken with any of the two “experts.“ We also discussed my concern about Kaydee’s Creatinine and Bun levels and if it was really necessary to stay on Science Diet k/d. So we had my primary vet’s office fax over the last 3 blood test results. After reviewing them the dr. felt that Kaydee was NOT in renal failure or the beginnings of renal failure! She felt that her kidneys were temporarily stressed only. She graciously emailed Susan Blake Davis with this and other vital information.

So I was given the OK to start the RAW diet for Kaydee!!! I was doing the happy dance!!

Well it’s been 5 weeks and I have a happier, healthier, more energetic & no longer obese little girl. She has lost approximately 5 lbs. and needs to lose 2 more for her goal weight of 70 lbs. Her coat is so soft, and her bald spots ( lower chest) are growing back in

What I noticed right off with the RAW diet and supplements was her nose quit dripping (allergies). It has almost been 7 weeks since Kaydee had an allergy shot!!! I am hopeful that when the seasons change her immunities will be built up enough to only need her supplements and not have to be re-tested (inhalant allergies) and go back on her shots. .

But best of all Kaydee LOVES her food — click on the video to see my HAPPY BABY GIRL!


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