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Kaydee’s Story: The Vet’s Office

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a continuation of our guest author series. Kaydee’s story follows Kaydee and her health as she switches to a raw food diet.

FRIDAY vet appt. — Again that night I spent it lying on the floor near the back door, Kaydee nor I getting much sleep. FINALLY – – IT – – WAS – – MORNING!!! In a short time we were packed up and on the road heading to the vet. How I had wished our vehicle could sprout wings OR better yet, just blink my eyes and be THERE!! The drive takes about 35 min. Once we arrived I checked in with the receptionist and gave her Kaydee’s pooh sample. I let her know that Abbie had the appointment and that I had called in the day before about Kaydee’s problem – that I had been told she would be worked in. The receptionist said that would be fine. Turning she gave the sample to one of the techs who took it down the short hallway and laid it on a tray in the lab area to be analyzed.

Kaydee Mae

Kaydee was in pain

My husband and I sat there waiting patiently for our name to be called (there were LOTS of people with their pets that morning). About 30 minutes later we were FINALLY called for Abbie’s appointment! As we were getting up I noticed the office manager glaring at me while speaking to the receptionist. She angrily walked down the hallway to the lab area snatched up Kaydee’s pooh sample turned on her heel and stormed back to the front, plopped it on the counter and then emphatically stated “You CAN NOT take your new puppy into the exam room with you while dr. examines your cat!” “You must take the puppy outside and leave it in your car!”

I was DUMBFOUNDED!!!! Not only by her rudeness but the fact that she would even suggest leaving a puppy (our SICK puppy) locked up in a car when it was HOT outside! I said “Excuse me, leave my sick puppy in the car when it’s HOT outside! I don’t think so!” She corrected herself saying that one of us would have to stay outside with the puppy. I explained to her that Kaydee was pooping blood and had to be seen by the dr. TODAY. That I would not let the dr. look at her while in the exam room with Abbie. That we were willing to wait. The office manager said “if you take the puppy in the exam room he will want to look at the puppy which will put him even further behind! “NO! THE PUPPY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE EXAM ROOM!” The “Ice Queen” had spoken.

She also informed us that the wait time for an available time slot could take HOURS!! With that said I knew my husband would not want to sit there and wait ALL DAY! I turned and looked at him and then at the office manager. I did not know what to do. Abbie needed to be seen, although she was not as seriously ill as Kaydee was. What a dilema!!! The office manger stood there impatiently waiting for us to make up our minds… when she suggested that Kaydee take Abbie’s appointment and either wait or reschedule an appointment for Abbie.

I turned to my husband for his approval but I only saw a face that had turned to stone & his eyes blazed with the fury. He ground out “Give the appointment to Kaydee she needs to be seen NOW!” He grabbed Abbie in her carrier, handed Kaydee to me and stormed out of the building spewing expletives under his breath. He had, had enough of this nonsense!

Within moments my favorite vet walked in (actually the only vet I would see). He immediately apologized for the long delay and began his exam of Kaydee. As I was explaining Kaydee’s symptoms, he stopped looked at me and stated “Lynn, you and I have worked together for a number of years now and I wouldn’t be doing my job as your vet justice if I didn’t tell you this…. I know you will say NO, but I have to as your vet tell you to TAKE THE PUPPY BACK.”

He was right. I looked him straight in the eye and said “Hell NO!” “She’s mine now!” He nodded as he took Kaydee from my arms to draw blood and to analyze the pooh sample. All tests results came back negative (worms/giardia). When he came back into the exam room he was really puzzled and said that it could just be side effects of having worms/Giardia. He started to ask more questions when I remembered that I had the phone number to the kennel where I had purchased Kaydee from.

I looked it up and the dr. wrote it down and left the room again. When he came back he said that the kennel openly admitted to having a “RAGING” case of Coccidia. Which is a VERY NASTY parasite that is gotten by dogs drinking water that has waterfowl pooh in it. (The kennel did have a large pond in their back yard that they used for training purposes) he ran a test for this NASTY parasite and she was negative. Still puzzled he decided that he would treat her for Coccida anyhow and that the blood in the pooh was from her intestines being so ulcerated from the parasite. I left the exam room not only with two prescriptions for Kaydee but a prescription for Abbie too! Yes, I had found a moment to explain to the dr. Abbie’s symptoms too! I left the exam room feeling hopeful that Kaydee would be alright in a couple of days. WRONG!

By Monday morning we were back at the vet’s. She was still having diarrhea (going on 5 days) and still blood in her stools. But not pure blood as before. My vet was not there so we saw an associate and she gave Kaydee a prescription for Carafate. That THANK you GOD finally resolved the diarrhea/blood issue. And Kaydee learned a new word “MEDICINE.” A word that would soon become an everyday word….

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