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[VIDEO] First Cory’s Story Video Review!

November 27th, 2010 No comments

I am very proud to share with you all the first official video book review of Cory’s Story. Nikki Brown, the UK Dog Whisperer, has posted her video review of Cory’s Story. Here it is! Take a look and then post a comment to let us know what you think!


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Do You Believe In Magic?

November 24th, 2010 1 comment

“Magic,” unless you live in Harry Potter’s world,  is actually nothing more than a clever magician’s ability to manipulate what you think you see,  in order to make the audience believe in something that is not true.  What I am about to tell you,  however,  is true,  although you will be tempted to think that it is nothing short of magical.

Since the release of “Cory’s Story” less than two months ago,  I have received e-mails from people all over the world.  One person,  Kirsy in Australia,  wrote to me about her dog who has epilepsy,  and how she was working with her vet to try some of the natural treatments to manage the disease.  She was interested in purchasing a copy of Cory’s Story, but thought it might be a good book for her library to have,  to provide the information it contains to everyone in her community.  In late October she wrote to me to let me know that she had contacted her local librarian,  so that I could expect to be hearing from her.  Sure enough,  within a few days I received an order for Cory’s Story from a lady named Susan in Australia.  I sent the book off and let Kirsy know that her book was on its way to her library,  and I gave her Susan’s full name.  Kirsy checked with her librarian and sent me an e-mail to let me know they had not actually placed any order for my book yet.

On November 18th I received an e-mail from Kirsy (in Australia),  to share the astounding news that she had been out walking on the beach with her dog,  and she struck up a conversation with two women who were walking a cute poodle.  The lady who owns the poodle said to Kirsy,  “I just read this great book called Cory’s Story.”  Kirsy told me that she got goosebumps and she asked the woman if she was the Susan who had purchased my book.  Imagine Susan’s surprise at how a complete stranger knew her name!

About this time I’m thinking that there are probably only 2 people in the entire country of Australia,  but a quick google search assures me that the country still has over 22 million residents.  Susan actually lives in Brisbane, Australia, which is several hours from where she met Kirsy.  She had only happened to be on the coast for a holiday visit.  Susan had only received and read my book a few days before her meeting on the beach with Kirsy.  The two women were completely amazed and talked for another hour.  Kirsy wondered if it is destiny for like-minded people to just “run into each other.”

I will tell you this – I believe that there is some force in the universe that is aware that what we found to cure Cory’s seizures can help other dogs.  That force seems to be determined to make its presence known in using “Cory’s Story” to bring two people together on a beach in Australia.  It would be one thing if “Cory’s Story” was well known,  but so far it has not been sold through any store other than this web-site.  I have not even listed on yet!

The most logical conclusion is that what happened is an unlikely coincidence.  The most inspirational conclusion is that Cory’s spirit cares about sharing the information we learned with owners of dogs who are still living,  in order to help them live healthier lives.  What are the chances of the only two people in Australia who have heard of Cory’s Story to meet each other?

What do you think?

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Cory’s Story Gets Another 5-Star Review!

November 9th, 2010 No comments

The following review of Cory’s Story was written by Darilee Bednar, owner of Third St. Books, Marysville, WA:
“I met Jay DeMers at the PNBA Convention in Portland and he promised me I would like his wife’s book… and he was wrong… I LOVED it.

I don’t DO books that make me sad unless they are non-fiction and then it’s not a usual occurrence… Cory’s Story had me totally teary-eyed NOT because it was written to be sad but because it triggered memories of our family dogs and their unconditional love.

It’s a memoir of Cory, a very smart/generally well-behaved/CGC trained yellow lab, and the three humans he adopted. Cory developed epilepsy around 3 years old… and the last half of the book is about the different treatments the family used that prolonged his life and allowed him to continue the richness of that life he and his family wanted him to live.

Cory, the boy scout. Cory, the best friend. Cory, the brother.
Dang! Suddenly… I miss my best friend… my companion… my fellow soul searcher.

Quick read… done in just a few hours.

Got a book club… got a 9 year old… got an RV…

I give it 5 stars.”

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Reviews of “Cory’s Story” Are Coming In!

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

In addition to what people have posted as comments on this web-site and on Cory’s facebook profile, I have received comments from people on my private e-mail and on my personal facebook profile who have read Cory’s Story.  You can see a sampling of those comments here:  read reviews.    I am delighted that people’s lives have been touched by our beloved Cory.  Every time someone reads it I know that Cory is alive again in the reader’s mind’s eye for as long as it takes to read the book, and in that short time Cory is once again running joyfully, being naughty, fighting to overcome a dreadful disease, and finally achieving seizure-free, “great-dog” status.

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