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A Sense of Joy Today!

October 21st, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today is the first day I have experienced the emotion of joy since Cory passed away last month.  That is not to say I have stopped grieving, because I still am.  But Cory’s Story the book  got its first review today, and it was a 5 star review which just rocked my world.  The reviewer, Penny Eims of the Examiner has a following of devoted fans who in turn told their friends and family about her uplifting review.  One of them, Lorie in Canada, who lost her beloved dog “Blaze” to epilepsy, had this to say:

“Amazing story, Cory is now for ever in my heart! I’m thrilled to have found you and thank you for speaking and writing on such a diesase as K9 epilepsy, it’s more common than many know.”

I welcome everyone who stops to read here, and I thank those of you who have been so supportive of me, and those of you who have purchased my book.  I have made lots of trips to the post office lately to mail the books out.  I send each book with a little prayer that the reader will enjoy it and that information in it will be helpful in some way.  I really appreciate your feedback once you have read the book.

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  • Lorie

    Dear Sandy, Losing a pet is one of the hardest things to ever go through in ones life time, they are such a large part of our family and in some cases they are our only family. The bond that you had with Cory is plain to see, your love shines through each word you write, your kindness is remarkable and noticed by thousands around the world. I know you are and should be very proud of Cory, the courage he displayed in his life must never be forgotten, but used to encourage others along the way of some rough roads they might come across. This proves that with love devotion and compassion we can overcome something's in life that pulls us part at the heart strings, we continue to love, devote and protect the best way we know how. I'm happy that you experienced joy today, the 5 star review is well deserved, you have rocked our world! Cory's story is about his whole life not just epilepsy but, this book has brought this disease to light and I know it will help other's who are dealing with this thing we who have experienced it, this thing we call ” the monster”. K9 epilepsy is much more common in many breeds, until recently few realized it effected our beloved K9 family as it does.

    Thank You for mentioning my beloved Blaze, he is still with me today in my heart, mind and soul. His epilepsy was uncontrollable, his cluster seizures caused brain damage he had no quality of life, I did what was best for him by letting him go. Blaze is free of fear and hurt, Nov 4 2006 I held him for the last time as he took his last breath, that is a moment I will never forget. Thank you for sharing Cory's story, I too look forward to reading this book. I will laugh and cry but most of all feel honored to have been a part of history, you are the first to tell it like it is, congratulation Dear Lady!

    Always In My Thoughts


  • What an honor it was for all of you to have had Cory in your life. How would you ever have imagined that one “Shining Son” could have transformed the lives of your family as it did?

    Your book is such a beautiful tribute to Cory's life. I felt fear and worry in the beginning of the story but reading on to the funny antics of his enjoying the pot roast in the car (which I'm sure that Cory felt you had brought and left there just for him!), to the head in the potato chip bag, the bowling babies, the head dive into your sleeping bag and on and on! Having some laugh out loud moments is such fun! (I wasn't laughing at your broken wrists though!)

    Your determination to do the right thing for Cory and investigate all that you could regarding his food and not wanting to go the medication route, was both touching and impressive. It is my hope that those who read the story learn and understand how much you did for Cory and also all of the other “dog parents” who will learn of the dangers of processed dog food. Finding the right veterinarian and changing his diet added immeasurably to his quality of life.

    The depth love that you had for your “second son” and choosing to use his life experiences to help others shows the beautiful person that you are. Watching the videos of Cory on this site made me feel that I knew him even more, although we've never met. Both you and Cory have a place in my heart. Our “almost lost” friendship is another lesson for both of us. People come into our lives at times that we never expect them to. Thank you for coming into mind.

    Alison Astair