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Cory’s New Pool: Arthritis Relief?

September 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After Cory’s miracle at the lake, we discussed what may have been the cause for his unbelievable recovery. We decided that it was probably a combination of the fluid movement of his joints in the water, helping to lube up and loosen his joints, coupled with the cold water which may have had a soothing effect on the pain.

Determined to help Cory feel that sense of freedom again (and hopefully regain his ability to walk unassisted), we bought a pool for him last weekend (we got it on craigslist for $50). Unfortunately, the pool is not quite deep enough for him to swim, but with his life jacket on his buoyancy is enough to keep almost all pressure off his legs, allowing him to move freely in the water.

Watch as his eyes just lighten up as he gets to play with his ball. We think this must be a very freeing experience for him since he gets to move about in the water wherever he wants. He’s still unable to stand up or walk on his own outside of the water, and improvement has been evident but slow since we bought the pool. We are hoping that with 2 swim-sessions a day, his atrophied muscles will strengthen enough to allow him to at least stand and walk on his own.

If you have any suggestions for arthritis relief for dogs, please tell us in the comments!


  • Jill

    Wonderful Wonderful story thus far. The video of him walking shows his sheer determination and will. Animals are truly amazing.
    I was curious if you've also tried acupuncture? It's been used for many different ailments with great results. I'm not sure where you are but you can probably find a holisitc vet that either has a veterinary acupuncturist in the office or can recommend one.
    Best wishes to you!!!
    BIG HUGS to Cory!

  • Sandy

    Thank you so much Jill! We actually did try acupuncture one time for Cory, a few years ago. I was unhappy with the results because his hind end collapsed just afterwards. I realize now I probably didn't give it enough of a chance, but since I work full time it is a huge deal to get an appointment worked out with the vet's schedule in any event. We most gratefully accept your wonderful wishes and hugs, and thank you so much for caring about Cory.