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Causes of Dog Seizures (Part 2)

Yesterday I covered the first cause of dog seizures: Epilepsy. Today I’ll cover the next cause:

TOXINS. Unfortunately for dogs, there are all kinds of toxins in their environment, many of which can cause seizures.  These toxins range from poisons to get rid of rodents or slugs to flea powders or chemicals that are actually meant for dogs to wear as collars.  Antifreeze, insecticides and paint products are also known toxins which can not only induce seizures, but can kill the unwitting animal that ingests them.  With early treatment and intervention, most animals have a good to fair prognosis of making a full recovery if they have a seizure as a result of an environmental poisoning.

Come back tomorrow for the next cause in this 5-part series! And in the meantime, if you’d like to get a sneak-peek at Chapter 1 of Cory’s Story, just sign up using the form over there on the right sidebar, and you’ll be able to read it instantly. I hope you like it!

  • Sheila Jo S.

    Sandy: one of our dogs, Max (a G/Shep mix, age 7) suffered seizures out of the blue during Labor Day weekend 2008 – he had a grand mal, very severe – we took him to the emergency vet out here, & he kept having repeat seizures – we had no idea what caused it as there were no underlying issues. We finally had to put Max down as he kept having too many seizures and the emerg. vet couldn't stop them. Max did not wear a flea collar, but my husband had sprayed Dioxin outside to cut down on insects. Max never ingested (that we know of) any of that stuff from the grass – he will be gone 2 yrs come Sept. Thanks for the info. Best wishes, Sheila

    • Sandy DeMers

      I am so sorry Sheila for your loss. I know how much sadness this had to have caused you and your family. It is my hope to be able to help someone with what I have learned over the past 10 years with living with Cory's epilepsy. Max might have walked in the grass after the Dioxin was sprayed on it and licked his paws. I only say this in case anyone with a pet is considering using toxins in the yard, it is serious stuff!

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