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A paragraph from Cory’s Story

I submitted my manuscript almost a month ago and am still waiting to hear back.  In the meantime, for those of you who have asked that I bring the focus of this blog back to canine epilepsy, here is a snipet from the book:

“We hoped that there would not be another seizure, but there was, not even two months after the first Grand Mal.  We took Cory to his regular vet in Seattle and explained about the 2 seizures he’d had, and we had a full work up done. Everything was negative which meant that Cory had no brain tumor, no thyroid levels off, absolutely nothing physical that could explain why he was having seizures.  So he was diagnosed as having idiopathic epilepsy, and we were advised to keep track of the seizures to see how often they were and if we could determine any possible triggers.  I, of course, became the appointed seizure keeping secretary.”

We found that it is very helpful to keep a seizure log.  For me, it helped me stay honest about the seizures because my mind wanted badly to be in denial about them.

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