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Cory Wants to Say “Hi” To His Friends

I took this photo of Cory last night.  He likes it when I let him babysit his beloved tennis ball.  He is not yet able to chase after it.  It has now been 5 weeks since his surgery for Cauda Equina (ruptured disks).  He is so happy to be on the mend!

  • You look great, Cory–glad you are feeling better.

  • Gail

    He looks so happy and youthful! Keep it up Cory!! How was your hydrotherapy?? Did you enjoy it??

    • Sandy DeMers

      Hi Gail! Cory had his best walk in a long time on May 5th. Yesterday (May 6th) I noticed he was really low on energy. He went to his second hydrotherapy session yesterday afternoon and the therapist said he was exhausted, and we may have overdone it with the walk the day before. She recommended that I get a tonic for him at a vitamin supplement story, which I will do on my way home. Today again he seems to be very tired and has no energy. Just when I was beginning to think he was getting better, he seems to be getting worse. I have to remind myself that he is a very old man inside that lovely yellow body and patience is required.