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Cory 7 Weeks After Cauda Equina Surgery, Getting Skin Treatment

It’s been 7 weeks since cauda equina surgery, and Cory’s hair still isn’t growing back very well, so we applied Dermagic Skin Rescue Lotion to help heal the wound and promote hair growth. Here’s the video!


Quick update: Cory’s Story is in the hands of the publisher now and we’re so excited! We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

P.S. – If you’re interested in the Dermagic Skin Rescue Lotion, visit Dermagic’s website at http://www.dermagic.com

  • Hey Cory, Your big ouchy looks much better, doggy friend. I like it when I get rubs like that, but I've never had to be shaved, I just get the rubs. I bet you could talk you people into sunscreen rubs when you go for walks, too. Mama rubs the kid down every time he goes in the sun cause his skin is really light like yours without the fur. She says the sun isn't good for him without his sunscreen. Keep getting better, Cory. You sure are a brave dog. I'm glad you feel better.

    Your kitty friend,

  • Sandy DeMers

    Thank you Azlan! Your mommy sounds like a very smart, caring lady, and I have been wondering if it is OK to put sunscreen on Cory's bare spot but have not yet done so. I will get the kind used for babies which is made for extra sensitive skin and I can't thank you enough for giving me the nudge I needed to start doing that for Cory!!