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Quick check-in and some pictures of Cory

Hi everyone! I spoke with Sandy today, who told me that Cory got his stitches out yesterday, but that he’s having some unusual symptoms which may or may not be related to the surgery. She said that he wasn’t very excited about breakfast this morning, and even thought about it for a while before actually eating. This is very unlike Cory. Fortunately, once he decided to eat, he gobbled it up just like always.

She described his mood thereafter as somber and seemingly wanting to be left alone. He has been napping in the guest bedroom recently, which is rare for him, considering that he usually loves to be wherever everyone else is. I suggested that his brain chemistry may be a little off (he may be feeling symptoms of depression) due to all the stress he’s been going through, so I wondered aloud if there is a “happy pill” for dogs.

A light bulb went on in Sandy’s head and she went to the store and bought some St. John’s Wort, which purportedly is best known for it’s antianxiety effects, but can also be used as a pain reliever in conditions such as intervertebral disk disease. We’ll do a test run with it and keep you all informed on whether or not it works.

Now, just for fun, here are some more pictures from Cory’s glory days =)

Cory swimming

Cory swimming

Cory Swimming 2

Cory Swimming at Lake Roesiger

  • So sorry you're a bit blue, Cory. Maybe a good nap will make you feel better. I love a good nap, especially if I can nuzzle with my Mama when I take it! Hope you have a sunny day tomorrow and you feel more chipper.

    Your kitty friend,


  • Gail

    Cory we are all praying for your complete recovery – physical and emotional! Being a nurse I understand the emotional side effects of major surgery in PEOPLE and we can talk things out – so I can't imagine how our loving pets feel (even though I swear you can communicate better than humans most of the time!!) Just know how much everyone loves you and wishes you the very best@@

    • Gail, thank you for the heart-felt comment! I will be sure that it's ready
      to Cory =) I really appreciate all these wishes of love and support from you
      all. It really makes me smile =)