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Cory’s First Hydrotherapy Session

We were a bit apprehensive because we tried hydrotherapy about 6 months ago and Cory was extremely stressed out by it.   But yesterday’s session was just awesome.  We were instructed to leave for session, which was about 40 minutes.  We came back at the appointed time to find Cory in the arms of the owner/therapist, in the heated pool, with his eyes closed and his body completely relaxed.  He was getting a massage and obviously enjoying it very much.  I spoke softly to the therapist and Cory did not even open his eyes at the sound of my voice.   He got out of the pool reluctantly, and didn’t make a sound the whole ride home.  I have never seen him that mellow except for when he was on pain medication.  We have sessions scheduled once a week now through the end of July.  Although it’s too early yet to see any direct benefit of the hydrotherapy on Cory’s body, I have every expectation that it will do him a lot of good.  Thanks for your words of encouragement for Cory’s continued recovery!

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