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Update on the book!

As most of you know, “Cory’s Story” is the name of a book that I am writing.   I have most of it done, and am now  in the process of “fine tuning” it.   I had lunch today with Shirley Enebrad who recently published her book “Over the Rainbow Bridge” which is one of my favorite books of all time.  Shirley shared with me some of her experiences about writing and publishing a book, and she is going to refer me to her publisher.   I am hopeful that “Cory’s Story” may be ready by mid to late summer.   Coincidentally, Shirley’s story is also about a “Cory,” whose life experiences will positively affect anyone who reads it.   Here is a link to her website, and you can purchase her book at amazon.com.     Check out the reviews of her book on amazon.com!!  While you are waiting for “Cory’s Story”  I strongly recommend that you read “Over the Rainbow Bridge”!


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