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Photos from my visit with Cory last night

Last night around 9:30pm I decided to visit Cory. He’s in an animal hospital about 25 minutes from where I live, so I took the drive out there, feeling both nervous and excited at the same time. I had visions of him walking over to me, wagging his tail as soon as he saw me and burying his head in my hands during a joyful reunion. Unfortunately, my expectations were far too high.

I waited in a small examination room for them to bring Cory in. After about a half hour, a man brought Cory into the room, carrying him in his arms, and he laid Cory down on a pillow in the room. I stayed for about 45 minutes as I got down on the floor to pet him, talk with him, and tell him about all the fun things he can look forward to doing.

His body stayed motionless the entire time; he was only able to move his eyes. Twice he tried to lift his head but was only able to move it about an inch. He was heavily drugged on pain killers and extremely sedated, but he stayed awake and looked at me while I talked to him.

I noted that when I mentioned some of his favorite words like “go to the park,” “go for a swim,” “play,” and “mommy and daddy,” his eyes lit up, became wider and his eyebrows lifted. So I know he was listening and I definitely had his attention.

I called Jay and Sandy and put them on speaker phone so they could talk to Cory. He looked at the phone and listened intently, then peacefully fell asleep. I waited with him for a few more minutes, then told the staff that he had fallen asleep. They took him back to his bed and I went home.

I felt a mixture of emotions; sadness and satisfaction. It was very difficult to see Cory in such a state, but I also think he gained a great sense of peace from my reassurances that everything would be better soon. It’s going to be really tough to get through this difficult time but we are looking ahead to the summer when Cory has his hind legs back. The doctor says he’ll be able to do the things he loves to do again by summer time.

Here are some pictures from the visit last night. I told him about all the words of encouragement and love from you all, and he wants you to know that he’s a fighter and will come through this.

Cory after surgery

Cory after surgery

Cory after surgery

Cory after surgery, from farther away

The incision along Cory's spine

The incision along Cory's spine

  • Get lots of rest Cory, be a good dog. I know it's hard to not be home, but it's best to stay with the nurses and doctors till you are a bit better. I'm glad the doctor said the surgery would help you enjoy the things you like to do. Heal fast.
    Your new friend, Azlan

  • Alf

    here's to a speedy recovery, Cory!

  • Jess

    Poor Cory….hope he has a speedy recovery….praying….love Jess, animal lover

  • canineangel

    Aww Thanks for the lovely account of your special time with Cory after his Op and for sharing photos… I feel a deep connection to this chap.. he lives in my heart too.
    He would have loved his moments with you… Its moments like that that will reamin etached in your memory forever.
    Life is about making happy memories lets hope you have many more happy one to make with Cory.

    Get well soon Chap!

    Love Aunty Nikki xxxxx