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Cory went in for surgery today

Sandy and Jay took him to the Vet for surgery today. He’s going to have spine surgery to repair/remove the herniated disc that’s causing him trouble controlling his hind legs. I visited him this weekend and he was really happy to see me but I sensed that he was embarrassed when his hind end suddenly fell while he was standing in the kitchen. I called him over and massaged him for a little while, which he really enjoyed. We are all nervous but also excited, because we are very hopeful that this surgery will give Cory back the ability to do things he so badly wants to do. Summer is approaching and we want him to be able to swim, catch tennis balls, and just generally be comfortable and happy.

I’m waiting for more news from Sandy, which I’ll post as soon as I get it. Keep your fingers crossed… the road to recovery is long and difficult, but we hope that this will give Cory at least one or two more years of happiness and mobility. He’ll need to be immobile for about 2 months after surgery, and he’ll be spending the next 3-4 nights at the Vet. We aren’t sure if we should visit him or not, because when he sees us he’ll surely think it’s time to go home. We don’t want to get his hopes up and then leave.

What do you think? Should we visit him, or just hold out until we can take him back home with us?

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  • I think I would have to wait until I could take him home, although it would be soooooo hard to do so. I thought about that when I had to leave my baby with the vet. I wanted to say goodbye, but I think it would be harder for him to understand why I left him there.

  • I think it would be best to just keep tabs on him over the phone. I'm afraid his seeing you will lead him to think he's going home and well, after all he's been through the past few days, he really doesn't need the disappointment when he has to stay behind. Perhaps the vet would allow you to speak to him over the phone for a “good boy and hello.” Hearing your voice just might cheer him up a bit. I've never been away from my Mama, except when she went to hospital and it was terrible lonely, even though Daddy was here. I did feel better when she talked to me on the phone. I knew she didn't go away forever and still loved me.

  • Gail

    I would definitely visit him. He needs your support and not feeling alone in his discomfort.He doesn't need to feel abandoned. He will look forward to your visits if you can make them about the same time each day.

    • It seems we're not the only ones split over this decision! I'll talk with
      Jay and Sandy tonight and keep you posted on what we do. Word from the Vet
      is that Cory is being kept on an IV to keep him sedated so that he doesn't
      move at all for 24 hours. His back must stay still for a while to allow
      everything to set.