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4 Years & 8 Months Seizure Free Today!

January 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am so excited to see people stopping by this web site. You are inspiring me to work hard on the book, and I’m delighted to tell you I have 31 single spaced pages done so far! And today is the 4 year and 8 month anniversary since Cory’s last seizure! Every day that is seizure free is a day to celebrate!

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  • r3bb

    Awesome. I'm so proud of Cory, and you for what you've done to literally save his life!

  • Johanna

    Wow! 4 years and 8 months seizure free, that is truly something to celebrate!
    Hugs to you and Cory. Johanna

  • Thank you for sharing. Your story can really help inspire others. Happy seizure free day:)

    • lovethemlabs

      Thank you Kris! I really appreciate your kind words. I really do hope that we can show other dog owners how if a raw diet can help our dog overcome epilepsy, think what it could do for a “healthy” dog! Sandy

      • Looking forward to the book 🙂

  • I'm hoping you'll write more specifics on the blog about how you've controlled the epilepsy? I have a girl who started having seizures nearly a year ago. I sure would like to solve this without the medication.

    • Sandy DeMers

      Hi Leslie! I am very sorry for what you are having to deal with. For Cory, we saw improvement immediately after switching him to a raw diet with bones, such as chicken necks, wings & backs. But it was not an immediate cure. It took several years on the raw diet before Cory's seizures stopped altogether. Tomorrow (May 22nd) will mark our 5th year anniversary of being completely seizure free. Cory's vet, who fully supports feeding raw by the way, also said that once a pet gets their initial vaccinations, there is no need to get annual boosters, so Cory has not had any vaccinations for the past 10 years. I found the most help at http://www.canine-epilepsy.com. In the book that I just completed (“Cory's Story”) I go into everything I learned about canine epilepsy and what we took from those lessons for Cory. I know how blessed we were in managing to beat the seizure monster in Cory's case, without anti epileptic drugs, but I also know that in many cases of canine epilepsy those drugs have saved lives, so keep your mind open. The best advice I can give you is to find a holistic vet who supports raw feeding, get your girl on the diet that God intended dogs to eat, and join http://www.canine-epilepsy.com. And keep us posted, please! Sandy

      • Thanks for the reply. Bella has been on a raw and/or cooked food diet most of her life and her mother was raised the same, but there have been periods of time when she has canned dog food. She's only had her first series of puppy shots and nothing else since she was 6 months old. (She's 4 now) I've been visiting the link you put and I have a lot to digest! We'll be seeing the vet soon and I hope to see results. I'll look into your book as well. Best, Leslie.